What Crime Has She Committed?

Ayla Albayrak, a journalist with the Wall Street Journal has recently been convicted in absentia by the Erdoğan controlled Turkish court system. The trial leading to this conviction came about after she wrote a very fair and truthful article: Urban Warfare Escalates in Turkey’s Kurdish-Majority Southeast. I myself had been there around the same time (As The... Continue Reading →

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Love Trumps Fear

Where do I begin? I am running late. Normally, I have this letter all written and sent at least a few days before the month ends. Yet here I am at 8PM still looking at my keyboard wondering where I begin. I have a lot I want to say, but how to say it? From... Continue Reading →

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Tarsus #2

This is my second photodump for Tarsus. Last time I shot St Paul's Church and Well, and the waterfalls. These were all taken at different points in the day. Everything today will be given to you pretty much in the order I shot it as I was walking around the city. As always, feel free... Continue Reading →

BJ Writes crosspost

Out in the open, there were two things Kayeen could not bear: the cold and the brightness. As he came closer to the southern end of the forest, both of these assailed his senses. His first plan had been to head out immediately after collecting his sword and the provisions he had been laying aside.... Continue Reading →

Antioch – Third Time’s the Charm

This is now my third (and final) photodump from my Christmas vacation in Antakya. The first was of the waterfalls and the early church. The second set was the river and the bazaar. This final set is pretty much everything else. I had spent a large chunk of two days simply walking around the city praying... Continue Reading →

Just Outside Antioch

The ancient Greek legend claims that Appollo was arrogant. He knew that he was a man's man and felt no remorse letting the other gods know it. Eros, being the metrosexual hipster that he was, didn't nearly have the muscular physique of Apollo and one day found himself the brunt of Apollo's jokes. Apollo told... Continue Reading →

Cities of Acts #1 – Antioch

I recently had the opportunity to visit the oldest church building in the world. This wasn’t the first place the church existed, but it was the first known location that was specifically created for the church to gather and meet. Prior to this everywhere the church existed they met in people’s homes or in public... Continue Reading →

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