This thing is happening.


It is official. Well, from my perspective it has been official ever since that day back in late September when I first felt the pull to go. But now the clock is ticking. The ticket has been purchased. I have fifty-two days left to liquidate everything that will not fit into a few suitcases and off I go. This is clearly the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life. Do I have everything in order? No. All my ducks are not lined up in a row. All I know is that He has called me and I am following. That said, if You, Father, wouldn’t mind illuminate a little bit more, I would be incredibly grateful.

More to come…




5 thoughts on “This thing is happening.

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  1. The biggest need right now is employment. It is difficult to be hired to teach English when not applying in person, but to get a more permanent visa (not a 90 day tourist visa) I need to have a work contract secured.


  2. Hi BJ, I’m interested to know more about your trip… it’s a blessing to be go, and very intimidating. Sometimes it’s not clear and yet you know without a doubt in the core of your soul exactly what is in store… excited for you.

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