Apparently Google decided to temporarily suspend my account today. Anything to do with google is “temporarily” off limits to me due to suspicious activity. This is seriously not cool. There are documents that I have on email that I need, seriously need, to have printed before I hop across the pond. That is less than nine days away. I am completely confident that it will be back up and running soon but even still… Not cool.

negative_thermometerOn another note, I have been fighting a low grade headache all day today. This is probably due to the fact that I have not had any caffeine in two days and my body is trying to adjust. It isn’t a big deal but it did get me thinking…

How well adjusted to Turkey is my body? There’s a six/seven hour time difference and that will mess with my sleeping patterns. I have taken what shots webmd and such sites say would be good, but what about basic immunity. How different will the local versions of the cold virus and other such things be to what my immunity is built for? As it is, my immunity isn’t all that great. I tend to get some sort of minor sickness every couple months. My throat lasts a couple hours of hard use at most and then takes days to recover. Will the versions of things that might knock me out for a day or two here end up laying me under for longer, or to a worse degree?

What about those of you who have done some serious, long term traveling? Where have you been and did you end up getting seriously sick? How long into your trip and with what? Where were you traveling to? What for you was the most difficult part to adjusting to a different environment and culture?


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