The Bittersweet Sorrow of Goodbyes


Yesterday was the last chance I had to stand before my community and share my Father’s heart. For many of the people there that morning, or the time we spent afterwards out bowling was the last time I will see them until we all cross the River Styx. I hate to admit it but there were moments during the day when that stupid, overplayed song Friends by Michael W Smith started playing through my mind. In my better moments, an altered version of this song’s chorus was what was playing in my mind and heart:

I’ll see you on the other side someday
I really just can’t imagine any other way
Wait for me, cause I’ll see you again in time
I know I’ll see the day when I’ll be with you
On the other side.

The rest of the song is really about death and I have no intention of walking into that anytime soon. If it happens, I am ready, but there’s still a lot of life in me. That said, saying goodbye sometimes is like a small death. There have been times and moments in my life when I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see the person on the receiving end of my hug. There have also been other moments when it was true even though we had no idea.

Dad is writing a new chapter in my life. I am excited for it. I am absolutely, completely confident that what I am doing is what He wants. No question. But in order for the new chapter to begin, this current chapter must come to a close. There are five pages left and each and every one of them are filled with the bittersweet sorrow of goodbyes. I love you. I love you all, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to share this closing chapter of my life with you.


3 thoughts on “The Bittersweet Sorrow of Goodbyes

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  1. Sorry we missed it my friend. We saw friends Sunday morning that visited for their second time so we invited them to lunch to get their story and see if TRA might be a good place for them to plug in. Looks like you all had fun! Maybe I’ll see you at your last meeting tomorrow?! Kerry


  2. Dad has chosen the perfect man to do His work. You will be missed; but you shared with each of us your strength, endurance, intelligence and the comforting words of truth from Him. I will carry your words forward as I live my life and raise my little boy. You will carry your words to those who need to hear. Go now and give to others what you’ve given us. They are blessed to hear from you. And, you are blessed as He will open even more doors. It is not goodbye, it is “till we meet again”……..


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