And Now A New Chapter Begins.


Just a couple hours more than two days ago I stepped up to a computer terminal, punched in my number, and clocked out. I was done. After more than nine and a half years after my first shift there, I finished my last. There was cake. There were some smiles, handshakes, and hugs. The threat spoken about for weeks, that a few of my coworkers were going to take me out and try to get me drunk for the first time in my life fizzled into nothing. They knew it was an impossible dream they could never accomplish. The door closed behind me and I seriously doubt I will ever walk through them again.

About fourteen hours after that, another door closed. I was up early yesterday and immediately get to work putting the finishing touch on cleaning up and clearing out my apartment. A few hours into it, my godsend of a sister joined me and we had that place shining far better than it was when I moved in. I loved that little house. It was one of the best places, and certainly the best landlord I have ever had. But around three in the afternoon I was in his office turning in my keys. About thirty minutes after that we were on 81 north heading to mom’s house. Binghamton was a memory, a very precious and dear memory, and I do not know if I will ever see her again.

Today was the last full day I had to spend with my family. We headed into Oswego and ate at the local Chinese Buffet. One of my brothers headed out, my youngest sister joined in, and we hopped over to the local theater to see Insurgent. I wasn’t impressed. My younger brother won, as he always does, in our only game of Settlers of Catan. I took four out of the seven games of Dominion. To wind down the night we saw a classic piece of Americana, Forest Gump. What a better way to finish up my last full day in this country.

Tomorrow morning very early I will be hopping in a car for a couple hours drive. From there I will be switching to a bus where I will ride for a few more. There will be a short hop on the subway before getting to an airport where I will be flying out of New York. So this is the last night I will be sleeping in a bed in America. The clock has passed midnight so I guess I can say this is my last day in this country. This is the day my eyes have been fixed on for months. This is the moment I was born for. In twenty hours time… I will be going home.



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