It Was Bound To Happen

This is going to be a really short post because my stomach is practicing it’s Jet Li moves and kicking my… well, you know.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Different environment, different germs, different foods. I’m pretty sure I have only been drinking bottled water. However,  there are always empty five liter bottles lined up near the ferry that look just like the full ones I buy from my local market so, who knows. Anyways, enough of that.

48aMy goal today was to head into Maltepe to find the Anadolu Yakasi Elektrik Dagitim. The electric company. Google maps pointed me to an address right near the coast in Maltepe. I have not yet traveled down Mediterranean coast and absolutely loved the beauty when going down. The problem is,  when I got there, “there” was most certainly not where I intended to be. The intersection I was directed to included two diners, a sunglasses shop, and some other small clothing store but there was certainly nothing like Turkey’s version of NYSEG. I showed my phone map to a gentleman smoking just outside the clothing store and he said, “Yes. This is here.” (Evet burada). I then showed him my note with the name and location of where I wanted. He seemed confused for a second, and then a lightbulb went on. I want Ayedas.

The helpful gentleman told me to take a right and then a left. Cross the street and stop any bus. Tell them I want to go to Ayedas, he wrote that name in my notes, and the bus would take me there (or close maybe). I took the right, and then a left and found myself walking down a dead end. No worries, I pulled out my phone and used maps for what it is good for. GPS locator, street map, and dolmusbus stops. I just need to remember how poor it is when I try punching in any addresses, names, or locations. (By that time, there was already a rumbling in my stomach of horrible things to come.) A couple minutes later, I was at a bus stop and then on a Dolmus. To understand a Dolmus, imagine a taxi and short bus getting busy. The Dolmus is their love child.

I knew that there were public facilities near the ferry. My google map now told me that where I wanted to go was walking distance from there so I set the ferry as my destination. It was bumper to bumper traffic. There were quick starts and sudden stops. I’m sweating. I’m nauseous. I’m desperately hoping that for once the traffic would be smooth and fast. I managed to get about 3/4 the way there. A McDonalds was ahead and I could wait no longer. I was barely holding on as it is and I left at least one employee laughing in my wake when I burst in asking, “Tuvalet nerede!” (Figure it out)

Even after I finished and did my obligatory purchase (of a water bottle), I wasn’t really feeling all that much better. So, cutting my day short, I walked to the ferry and headed back home. Upon returning and getting on my laptop a lightbulb went on. Ayedas is an acronym: Anadolu Yakasi Elektrik Dagitim (a lot of stores, and such have “A S” at the end). It really is like NYSEG (New York State Electric & Gas). This also explained why I was unable to get the proper address for Istanbul Gaz Dagitim yesterday. I need to find IGDAS. Now supremely confident, yet with fingers crossed, I truly do know where I need to be heading tomorrow.

That’s all for tonight. Before I head back to the water closet for the thirtieth time, here’s a few pictures I took near or on the Kadikoy/Besiktas ferry:



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  1. Hope you feel better very soon. Truly a small world…BU huh? Congratulations on everything you have accomplished so far. You are acclimating so quickly. We miss you, but like being able to see how you are doing. BTW…for some reason the April calendar on this site is incorrect.

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