The Ruins (Theater and Necropolis)


For my very brief Christmas break this year I went to the ancient city of Myra. Why on earth would I go there? Because I love Santa Claus, of course!

Now I am sure some of you have read those first three sentences and are doing a wee bit of head scratching. Let me back up a bit. Saint Nick is actually a real person. He was a bonafide pastor (bishop) way back in the day and if one were to explore his life, it becomes easy to see the kernel of truth that blossomed into the legend of the rolly polly jolly fat man that most of us love today. For those of you who don’t and have this crazy notion that telling your kids that Santa isn’t real is the height of good parenting… stop lying to your children. Of course Santa is real!

But really, I’ll be dealing with Santa, and who he was in my next post. I took enough pictures this past holiday weekend that I will be breaking this into two posts. Since I personally think the Saint Nik part is the better, more interesting half, I’ll be saving that for later. In this post we have pictures of the ruins of the city of Myra. With only a minimum of commentary, here’s the theater and necropolis (graveyard) from that ancient Lycaean village:

ruins 72ruins 76





ruins 73ruins 75

ruins 76


These first five are approach shots taken as I was on my way to (or from) the ruins. There’s a fortress that sits atop that first picture. Originally, my intention was to climb up there but it never happened. I was still recovering from a small bout of the flu and even climbing to these lower spots was embarrassingly tiring for me.

The next few shots are all of the amphitheater:

ruins 77ruins 78

ruins 79ruins 80ruins 81ruins 82ruins 83ruins 84

The next few are taken from various entrances or exits to the theater. All these pictures, top to bottom, can be clicked for high quality, full size versions:

ruins 84ruins 86ruins 87ruins 88ruins 89ruins 90ruins 85

While working my way through the ruins, I could always hear the bell on this lawnmower ringing on the wind. Sometimes it would be above me, sometimes below, often I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Usually it was the only sound I could hear and it seemed an eerily appropriate accompaniment to the ancient memories I was eavesdropping on.

ruins 91

A few more for the road. You might notice that I took no pictures from inside the necropolis itself. That wouldn’t actually be true. I’m just keeping them for me. Maybe it is because I am not quite sure I was allowed to be in there. (There were signs saying climbing was dangerous but none explicitly forbidding it). Partly because they don’t do the live site justice. Mostly it is because not all memories or experiences are meant to be shared with the world. Anyways, I’ll be back here tomorrow (or soon) with Santa Claus and his cathedral.

ruins 92ruins 93ruins 94ruins 95ruins 96ruins 97ruins 98ruins 99



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