This Is Why

This is why.

This is why I will go to cities like Suruc to teach English and share God’s love.

This is why I will invest a portion of each day learning a language I did not even know existed a year ago.

This is why I gave up everything I had in New York to hop on a plane and begin a completely new life in a  new world.

This is why I continue to write and speak ad nauseam that the fact America and the West refuse to open their doors wider for refugees is nothing more than criminal negligence.

This is why I exist.

Some people call me insane.

That’s garbage.

The fact that so many will see something like this and then continue on with their comfortable first world lives… that is what I call insane.

Don’t be crazy. Please, pray for Syria. Pray for the Kurdish and Arab peoples. Pray now. Pray tonight and every day from now until God calls you to come join us.

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  1. Honestly, I’ve felt called into Missions. When youre married, the call does not supercede the wants of the husband. So its kind of a bummer for me. Praying!

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    1. Nearly half the citizens remaining in Syria are internally displaced refugees.

      Lebanon has 1.5 million, more than 1 for every three Lebanese citizens.

      Jordan has 1.2 million. One for every five citizens.

      Turkey has 2.7 million. That’s one for every 25 citizens. Turkey has also spent nearly half the total money that has been spent for their aid.

      How many would Canada need to be bringing in to match these ratios? How much would Canada need to donate to equal the percentage of GDP going to their aid?

      Don’t get me wrong, anything is better than nothing. But 25,000 is a trickle compared to the ocean of need.


  2. Ocean of need. Great picture. I was also sickened by the 12-year-old suicide bomber at the wedding near the border. The number of people killed. And yet we do, as first worlders, turn our backs, hoping if we don’t see it, it won’t be real. Which makes us about as mature as a two-year-old. Thank you for your passion. You’ve encouraged me to be more creative in how I can engage the need. We all need to be more outrageous in our faith and less cautious with our love.


    1. I spent much of my summer living about 3 miles from where that happened. The school I volunteered at was about 7 miles from there. I spent most of the night making sure those I knew were OK.

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  3. Thank you for speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for standing in the gap. I think we are all called to stand in the gap – but there are many gaps. Many places that need redemption and a voice. Yours is powerful! Keep on interceding!

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