Not Enough Christian Refugees?

Over the past week or so, I have seen an abundance of articles like this:

Just A Fraction of the Refugees to the US Are Christian

If you aren’t familiar with this very legitimate complaint, please read the article on the link before my comment below:

I won’t say that the US has no blame for this disparity, but a majority of it does not rest on their shoulders. The situation is far more complex than this story reports. The UN gathers their list of names for which countries like the US screen and pull almost exclusively from those residing in the refugee camps. The problem is, there are almost no Christians and other minorities in those camps. It is not safe for them. Yes, they have been persecuted by ISIS, but they are also being persecuted in these overcrowded, underfunded, and under policed camps.

The situation has become so bad in these that most Christians have fled to try their luck on the streets of cities like Gaziantep and Istanbul. The problem is, once they leave the camps, they lose their eligibility for legal immigration. A very legitimate fear of rape, persecution, and starvation have forced them to flee. I have heard that there are similar problems in the Lebanon and Jordan camps but I have seen and know firsthand that this is the situation here in Turkey. As long these camps continue to be run by AFAD (Turkey’s version of FEMA) this will continue to be the case.

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  1. I have heard and read the same things. So horrible. From what I am understanding they are flying in refugees at night to bypass any protests. I live in a city where we have a few colleges and things. Islamic believers and the rest of us get along just fine as far as Iknow. The little Arab boys at the YMCA swim in the same pools with the bikini clad w/o incident and I’ve been going there for 8 years. We simply do not have the problems that Europe has because they can’t just flood in. I feel for the whole situation.

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  2. If NATO was any good for anything, Turkey could have turned to it to set up refugee camps in Syria. If Obama had had any sense, he would have refused to take sides in a civil war. In that case neither side would have much cared when NATO set up refugee camps. They would hae been too busy with each other. The main problem would have been preventing either side’s combatants from using the camps as sanctuaries.

    The other thing NATO might have done is set up a weapons embargo on Syria and created no-fly zones, but that is guaranteed to PO the combatants. Nevertheless, such actions could have shortened the war and reduced the damage.

    What would have solved the problem of ISIS? That’s another subject, but taking sides against the Assad regime did not help matters. Even a bad government is better than chaos, and that is what ISIS represents.


  3. This is an issue where I believe Trump has a point. We should not be following policies that are in effect discriminating against ethnic minorities in any country least of all among the refugees. Christians and Yazidis come to mind. It’s true that they would be in danger in the camps. We must find ways to compensate for that.


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