Versatile Blogger Award


Although I seem to get one of these every couple months, most of the time I smile for the ego boost it is and then continue on my way. Bit since I haven’t filled one out in a good year or more, and since I haven’t written anything else on here for a small bit, and since I am on a holiday from some of my work I figured why not?

So first of all I want to send a big shout out to Shakeane for nominating me on The River Walk. She does a great poetry blog you should all go check out at Untamed.

OK. So the rules of this are:

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.Done.
  2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.That’s a bit much. How about ten? Since I was one of ten, I figure this is a fair compromise.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.OK. Here goes…1) I am an American but have spent most of the past two years in Turkey and have no intentions of ever living back in the States. I am where God has called me to be and loving it.2) I am an avid (and fast) reader. I set a goal of 100 books a year and usually come quite close to hitting it. (99 in ’16) Two supplemental goals this year is to again have a majority of those be non-fiction and to do a much better job reviewing what I read over at Goodreads.3) I am the second of eight kids. My six younger siblings are adopted. Seven of us are are still living and we are all in our twenties or thirties. (Or forties, Krista.) Yet none of us are married and my poor mom doesn’t have a single living grandchild.4) I am probably the biggest Star Wars fan you know who hasn’t seen Rogue One. I desperately want to but my budget at the moment cannot afford a trip to the movies and I don’t want to watch a third rate pirated version.5) Practically every day I am interacting with people from at least three different distinct languages and cultures. None of those are English.6) I listen to podcasts on my commutes. On Monday, its Chris Hodges from Highlands. On Tuesday, Steven Furtick from Elevation. Wednesday is Erwin McManus from Mosaic. On Thursday I am still listening to New Spring even though Perry Noble is no longer there. On Friday I listen to Herbert Cooper from People’s Church.  On the weekends I switch to History with either Dan Carlin’s Hard Core History or Mike Duncan’s Revolutions Podcast7) I have lost nearly ten kilo since moving to Turkey. When I look at pictures or video from my days in America my first thought is, “Man, I was a chunker.”OK. So here are my nominations:

    1. The crew over at Inscribed who just finished up doing a series in 1 John…

    2. Lisa from Experiencing God…

    3. Grace from Life From Grace…

    4. Faye from the Philippines over at Captivated Child…

    5. Look at the world a little differently with Stuti Raizada at…

    6. Josh Palande has some great photography at…

    7. She has disappeared lately but hopefully a little love for Bianca will get her writing again. As an American living overseas, it was fun to read of someone else’s international adventures in America.

    8. Give and D will be given is student in Australia from Hong Kong writing about Democracy. Sound interesting? Check it..

    9. Check out Sylvia Miranda at

    10. Last but certainly not least is Kristi Ann. Though we might not agree 100%, no one can doubt she is both passionate and prolific in her posting.

    There are plenty of others who I could have chosen. I love reading a lot of what you all write. But I tried my best to have a diverse group in styles, locations, and themes. I also did my best to nominate people I haven’t nominated the one or two other times I have done one of these. So of course that means the first 5-6 bloggers that came to mind I said no. If you weren’t nominated this time around I promise you were one of those.

    God bless. I love you all.


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