Walking in Göreme (Cappadocia Photo Dump #2)

I am going to just throw these photos up here. There’s a bunch of them on my phone and if I remember something about it then I will add some commentary, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the view…

One thing that surprised me was how integrated the old and the new were. I expected to see a relatively modern city and then, off a short way, all the old stuff. Instead you would see thousand year old cave homes with air conditioning, satellite dishes, and solar panels popping out at random intervals.

I was on a narrow road as I took the picture above. At the base of this road there is a big sign demanding: “No vehicles beyond this point.” This sign is in Turkish and English and you can’t miss it. At the top of this road there is a taxi station with three taxi drivers waiting for calls. The worst part about it is how this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Welcome to Turkey.

The next bunch of pictures are all taken from the top of a ridge called Sunset Point (the restaurant and lookout) and Sunset Path (the trail leading away from it).

With a name like “Sunset Point” I have this sneaking suspicion that it might be a great place to take in a sunset. Unfortunately, with all the walking I have been doing I have been much too tired to head back this way that late in the day. Perhaps in one of my remaining evenings… perhaps.

Speaking of exhausted, it is after 10PM now. So I will leave you with one sunset picture from the taken from the rope bridge in Avanos (the town north of Cappadocia). Goodnight.


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