Just Outside Antioch

The ancient Greek legend claims that Appollo was arrogant. He knew that he was a man’s man and felt no remorse letting the other gods know it. Eros, being the metrosexual hipster that he was, didn’t nearly have the muscular physique of Apollo and one day found himself the brunt of Apollo’s jokes. Apollo told him that he really should give up his bow and arrow. Yes, he might be able to pierce the occasional unsuspecting heart, but that thing in his hands would never accomplish anything of value in a real man’s sport. (You know, hunting… war… that kind of stuff)

Apparently, Apollo took his mockery one jibe too far because Eros decided to teach him a lesson. Eros prepared two arrows. With one he shot Apollo causing him to fall head over heels in love with Daphne. With the other arrow, Eros shot Daphne causing her to be completely incapable of loving Appollo in return. Of course, Apollo didn’t at first learn the lesson. This brute enjoyed a good hunt and he chased poor Daphne all over the world. The poor nymph tried everything to escape and evade his unwanted advances and finally, her father Peneus intervened by turning his daughter into a laurel tree.

When Apollo realized what had happened, he burst into tears and vowed to love her forever. The place where his tears first hit the ground has become a waterfall. Honestly, I’m not much impressed with Apollo’s sorrow. I mean, I’ve seen all kinds of waterfalls in my day and Appollo’s tears, also called Harbiye Şelale (Harbiye waterfall), are beautiful but not by any stretch the best I’ve seen. The following nine pictures are photos taken from Apollo’s Tears. Click any picture for to view it in a much higher resolution.

I shared already (click here) (or here) about the oldest church in the world but that did not include all the pictures I took there. I actually intended to climb to the top of this hill but once I was about 2/3 of the way up I noticed what my weather app said was only 45 minutes away. The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck having to climb down this slope in the rain. When it is time for me to go to heaven, I want to go out with a bang… not a slip and fall.


Well, there you have it. These are all pictures from the outskirts of town. Soon, I will be posting again with shots from the city itself. You will see St Paul’s church, the river, the long market, and more. Also, keep your eyes peeled for another short video sermon from Tarsus and a photo blog of that city as well.


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