Antioch – The River and The Bazaar

The old movie title is probably an excellent way to describe the city of Antioch: A River Runs Through It. Of course, considering my sister site, there is no way I am *not* going to take plenty of pictures there. Feel free to click on any of them for a high res version. Also, I forfeit all rights to any of my photos, you are always welcome to take and use them for any purpose you might wish.

Pretty much every city in Turkey is going to have a bazaar. Unless you are going to the Grand Bazaar (tourist trap) in Istanbul, the rest are usually great places to find some really good deals on anything from clothes, to spices, to carpets, to tech… whatever. They are always a much better place to shop than the malls. Here is Antakya’s version, the long market.

These last two shots are of the same river as the first ones but taken from the nearby Harbiye. This is also where the waterfalls from my previous Antakya photodump were taken.


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