Antioch – Third Time’s the Charm

This is now my third (and final) photodump from my Christmas vacation in Antakya. The first was of the waterfalls and the early church. The second set was the river and the bazaar. This final set is pretty much everything else. I had spent a large chunk of two days simply walking around the city praying and trying to get a feel for the city before starting my Cities of Acts message. Whenever the whim took me, I simply pulled out my phone and snapped a shot. This is the end result of that. As always, these photos can be clicked for a higher res version and you cannot possibly steal them because I am freely giving them away.


Two Muslim girls, probably in their early teens were walking by right around this next shot was taken. They first started yelling at me for trying to take their picture and only after I showed them that they weren’t in the shot did they finally leave me alone.

There was an excellent little shop in the building in this next photo that sold burnt wood pictures. Basically, you have some very famous paintings or iconic images that were created by burning the image into wood. I was not able to purchase anything at the time but I would definitely love to come back at some future point to do some shopping here.

These next few are from what was my personal favorite spot to eat in a city renowned for great eats. If you ever happen to be in Antakya, definitely get to Han Restaurant Cafe.

On the same street as Han, there is a very old, very famous church that is still in use today. They were having Christmas services but in order for you to enter, there was some very strict security. Police barricades were put up on both sides of the street where six policemen would body search anyone passing through. There are, of course, the three police you can see in this picture right near the entrance, but there was also a plainclothes officer (I think right on the edge of this picture) interviewing anyone wanting to enter past the cast iron gate.

I am always amused how random English words or phrases can end up on T-shirts. It is part of the “style” here even though the creators (and purchasers) obviously have little idea what they mean. Apparently, the same thing can happen on the exterior walls of little cafe’s as well.

This is the overlook from a restaurant in Harbiye. The glass wall created some cool radiant effects on the horizon.

On the second day of walking my phone told me I would be experiencing a few hours of rain. Well, fortunately, there was a beautiful mall (with a Starbucks, of course) where I could burn a couple hours…

I would say this isn’t the same church as I was talking about before, but technically, this is no longer a church. It is a government building. This is common all over Turkey. After so many of the Christians were killed off a hundred years ago, their churches and schools were appropriated by the government either for official business, to be turned into mosques, or to be made museums.



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