Tarsus: St Paul’s Church & Well, The Waterfalls

This is the first of two photodumps I will be doing for my visit over New Year’s to Tarsus. One of the first places I visited was St Paul’s Church. This church was built in the 1800’s and although it is a museum today, it still functions as a Greek Orthodox Church on Sundays and holidays. For obvious security reasons, I took pictures when I was visiting the empty building, but not while we were having the NYE service. As always, you can click each image for a higher res version and feel free to take and use any of these pictures for any purpose your heart desires.

These next few are from St Paul’s well. This was a quiet little spot right in the center of town. The info board here does not say that much about the well but does give a very fair synopsis of Paul’s life.

I wish I could say that these waterfalls are also named after St Paul. As fitting as that would be to wrap up this post, it also would be completely untrue. I can say, however, that they have an interesting history. These falls are an accident. A few hundred years (as in close to a millennium) back, they tried to divert the flow of the river that runs through Tarsus. While they succeeded in doing so, the new course took a surprising twist and the river now began to flow right over the old burial grounds. Yes, folks, under these waterfalls there lies a necropolis. Beauty from death.




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