Tarsus #2

This is my second photodump for Tarsus. Last time I shot St Paul’s Church and Well, and the waterfalls. These were all taken at different points in the day. Everything today will be given to you pretty much in the order I shot it as I was walking around the city. As always, feel free to take and use any of these photos for whatever purpose your heart desires.

I am starting out with Cleopatra’s Gate. It was once actually part of the wall of the city but now this gate is almost all that remains of that wall. I think you might see bits more of it in near ruins in some later shots.

Just some random stuff…

Another piece of the wall that is (barely) still standing.

About midway through the day, the persistant light rain turned into a persistant heavy rain. I knew it was not going to last so I took shelter in the little mall this city boasts. Although I am upset this mall doesn’t have a Starbucks (shock, gasp), the coffee shop they did have was good enough for me to warm up and read a bit until the rain turned back into gloomy cloud.

The waterfalls (in my other Tarsus post) cover over the old graveyard. On my way to visit them, I passed through the new graveyard. The age of the graves ranged from the late 1800s in the south right up to the 21’st century in the north with more room to grow.

More random stuff…

I have no idea what this archaeological excavation is. It was right across the street from where I was going to eat dinner and I must confess, I was too cold and hungry to take the time to find out.

One last place I visited was “Daniel’s Tomb”. Apparently, way back in the 12’th or 13’th century the mayor of Tarsus had a vision or a dream from Allah that if he dug in a certain spot he would find the tomb of the prophet Daniel. Who cares that Daniel would never have been even close to Tarsus. This guy got some crews to digging, they did find something and since he was a good Muslim mayor, obviously this message was no lie. So now according to Muslim tradition, Daniel (of the lion’s den fame) was buried in Tarsus. Reading the “history” of the prophet they have on site was definitely worth a few giggles.

One last shot of the view from the bus ride home.


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