About Me.


There are stories to be told…

When entire portions of Syria packed up a few belongings and headed north, over and over again, their survival became dependant on the kindness and generosity of those who were already living in the places they ran to. Homes were opened up. Blankets and clothing were given away. Food was shared. There are stories of an abundance of giving from those who had so little to start with. What are their names? What are their stories? All most of us have heard about in the West is the bombs and the guns, the death and the fear.

There are stories to be told…

Primarily through the United Nations Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) as well as some other groups and organizations, the world has come. They have given. They have invested their hearts, their money, and their time… segments of their lives have been spilled out for those they have never, and in most cases will never even meet. Who are these givers and these goers? Why did they do it? What stirred their hearts? These are people with names the world needs to hear.

There are stories to be told…

Families have fled. Women have collected and ran with their children while their men stayed behind to protect and enable their flight. Some are now living in refugee camps waiting to return. Others have moved on hoping to get into Europe or America only to have their funds, and their hope dry up somewhere en route. There have been those who have poured their life savings into a boat trip only to find themselves abandoned and left adrift at sea. These luckless yet defiantly hopeful millions need to have their stories told.

The kindness of the Turkish people, the generosity of the international community, the plight of the Syrian refugee… These are all stories that have fallen through the cracks while the world focuses on the sensationalism of war and international politics. These are stories being lived out millions of times over. They are stories of noble hearts, dangerous risks, and overflowing kindness. These are stories that need to be told. Will you help me to go and tell them?

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6 thoughts on “About Me.”

  1. I am truly excited for you and will definitely be keeping you on my heart. Wonderful things are in store for you and I look forward to hearing more. Best wishes in your journey.


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