Göreme Open Air Museum (Cappadocia Photo Dump #3)

First, a couple pictures I snapped on my way out of Göreme on my way to the museum... The Old Cappadocia Pancake House gave me a little chuckle. I guess you can kinda call Gozleme's "pancakes" but that really stretches it. On the menu list you can see the second option is "chese" a little... Continue Reading →


Walking in Göreme (Cappadocia Photo Dump #2)

I am going to just throw these photos up here. There's a bunch of them on my phone and if I remember something about it then I will add some commentary, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the view... One thing that surprised me was how integrated the old and the new were. I expected... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award

Although I seem to get one of these every couple months, most of the time I smile for the ego boost it is and then continue on my way. Bit since I haven't filled one out in a good year or more, and since I haven't written anything else on here for a small bit,... Continue Reading →

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