What You Can Do

What you can do: In response to a question about doing more regarding the Syrian Refugee crisis, I have dug up a few links... White house petition for allowing more Syrian refugees into the states: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/authorize-and-resettle-s… Links for refugee centers around the states that could use your volunteer support: http://www.refugees.org/about-us/where-we-work/ For you Canadians, a prescreening... Continue Reading →

Iceland and Aylan

I have had my next post to write here in my mind for the past couple days and had begun working on it this afternoon when I hopped on to facebook for the first time in almost a full day. I don't know how frequently it is popping up for others, but with the number... Continue Reading →

Not A Good Time To Be East Asian

This is Happy China. It is a Chinese restaurant in Beyoğlu that was just opened six months ago by Cihan Yavuz. Just this past week, Happy China was vandalized by Turkish protesters who are angry at China over the mistreatment of their Uighur population (or Uygur, or Uyghur depending on who is doing the reporting in... Continue Reading →

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