Just Outside Antioch

The ancient Greek legend claims that Appollo was arrogant. He knew that he was a man's man and felt no remorse letting the other gods know it. Eros, being the metrosexual hipster that he was, didn't nearly have the muscular physique of Apollo and one day found himself the brunt of Apollo's jokes. Apollo told... Continue Reading →


Cities of Acts #1 – Antioch

I recently had the opportunity to visit the oldest church building in the world. This wasn’t the first place the church existed, but it was the first known location that was specifically created for the church to gather and meet. Prior to this everywhere the church existed they met in people’s homes or in public... Continue Reading →

BJ Writes (crosspost)

Avril crouched, waiting, listening in the silence of the mist. He turned his head slightly and held his breath. About ten yards ahead he heard the scratching of feet as the squirrel scampered higher up the tree. It was careless, too noisy. It was frightened. That must mean… yes. Inching nearer to the squirrel were... Continue Reading →

BJ Writes (crosspost)

One of my New Years resolutions is to give this story one more go at actually finishing... Defiantly, the tree held tightly to its one remaining leaf. As gust upon gust of wind ripped through its branches declaring to the world that an early winter had arrived in this barren land, the leaf remained. Many... Continue Reading →

What Crime Has She Committed?

Ayla Albayrak, a journalist with the Wall Street Journal has recently been convicted in absentia by the Erdoğan controlled Turkish court system. The trial leading to this conviction came about after she wrote a very fair and truthful article: Urban Warfare Escalates in Turkey’s Kurdish-Majority Southeast. I myself had been there around the same time (As The... Continue Reading →

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Take A Knee

What saddens me more than anything is that we aren't discussing the reasons why an NFL player would feel strongly enough about something to take a knee despite all the pressure and ridicule he has received.

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