Abandoned Democracy and Emptied Tombs

Is it time to abandon democracy? Vote "Evet" or "Hayır" today.


Love Trumps Fear

Where do I begin? I am running late. Normally, I have this letter all written and sent at least a few days before the month ends. Yet here I am at 8PM still looking at my keyboard wondering where I begin. I have a lot I want to say, but how to say it? From... Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter To CAIR

There is nothing Christian about a ban on Muslims. There is nothing Christian about refusing refugees. There is nothing Christian about denying safe harbor to those fleeing violence. Nothing.

Versatile Blogger Award

Although I seem to get one of these every couple months, most of the time I smile for the ego boost it is and then continue on my way. Bit since I haven't filled one out in a good year or more, and since I haven't written anything else on here for a small bit,... Continue Reading →

Here We Are Again

My heart breaks for Izmir and the victims of this second national tragedy to strike Turkey in a year that is not yet a week old. My heart also breaks for the countless victims caught in the crossfire of the multiple simultaneous conflicts that are ravaging my home of Southeast Turkey as well as Syria and northern Iraq. When will it end?

2016 books read

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2017? I have a few but one resolution I make every single year is to read 100 books. This is a resolution I have successfully completed more than once, but for four years running now I have fallen short. That said, I came real close with 99... Continue Reading →

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