Cross Examination (3) – Are Muslims Better Followers of Jesus than Christians?

The accusation is made that Christians, when they do things like drink alcohol and eat pork, are proving that they do not follow the teachings of Jesus like Muslims do. Is there any truth to this?

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September Newsletter

View this email in your browser How Do You Stay Focused? For much of July and August I had the honor to serve in two cities in southeast Turkey. I stayed most of the time in Gaziantep and worked as a volunteer in a school for refugees. I taught English and also worked with crisis... Continue Reading →

In The Shadow Of The Mosque

The numbers I wanted to get before putting this post up here I couldn't. It wasn't for a lack of trying. I spent hours digging through trying to get the information. Those I tried asking who might have had the information either ignored me or claimed ignorance. The reality of it is, the information just... Continue Reading →

These shoes…

I love these shoes. We have done a lot of life together. They have taken me places I never expected to go. They have also been with me faithfully through the daily grind that makes up a job on my feet. Back when I was using a pacer faithfully it was clear that I am... Continue Reading →

That clock keeps ticking.

I'm getting down under four weeks left and it is getting harder and harder to avoid the fact that clock keeps winding down. It is getting harder and harder to avoid thinking about it, living it, breathing it with every breath. Every time I'm meeting someone new these days my first words "Hi, my name... Continue Reading →

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