Göreme Open Air Museum (Cappadocia Photo Dump #3)

First, a couple pictures I snapped on my way out of Göreme on my way to the museum... The Old Cappadocia Pancake House gave me a little chuckle. I guess you can kinda call Gozleme's "pancakes" but that really stretches it. On the menu list you can see the second option is "chese" a little... Continue Reading →


Turkish Night (Cappadocia Photo Dump #1)

Actually, it sounded a bit touristy. I was right but even still, I am here in Cappadocia to do the tourist thing so, why not? Off I went to...

Day 3 Morning

Sometimes things go bump in the night. I made my camp last night just north of the town of Kargi. The spot I chose was near a bend of the road and right up the embankment from the lake I was walking past. Honestly, it wasn't the best of spots but it was full on dark... Continue Reading →

Antalya – The Night Before

I went down to the harbor at Antalya to watch the sunset. Before getting there, I did walk around for a bit in Old Town. There is a beauty and a quaintness to the place but too many of those old buildings have now been hijacked for use as hotels and bars. They mar the... Continue Reading →

My (failed) Quest To Find The Perfect Sunrise

Those of you who follow me on facebook know that I've recently taken to posting a sunrise picture or two from my balcony every morning. (If you aren't following me on facebook, feel free: www.facebook.com/beejai.richardson) This daily habit has had me thinking as I go about my day about other places that might make for good... Continue Reading →

Finding My Way Home

Sleep is not easy to come by. At least, it isn't when I want to get it. Technically, I slept right about when I normally would. I got in and settled from my flight around 3:30 AM and was asleep about an hour later. Back in NY that would have been 9:30 PM. I then slept,... Continue Reading →

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