Göreme Open Air Museum (Cappadocia Photo Dump #3)

First, a couple pictures I snapped on my way out of Göreme on my way to the museum... The Old Cappadocia Pancake House gave me a little chuckle. I guess you can kinda call Gozleme's "pancakes" but that really stretches it. On the menu list you can see the second option is "chese" a little... Continue Reading →


Turkish Night (Cappadocia Photo Dump #1)

Actually, it sounded a bit touristy. I was right but even still, I am here in Cappadocia to do the tourist thing so, why not? Off I went to...

Day 3 Morning

Sometimes things go bump in the night. I made my camp last night just north of the town of Kargi. The spot I chose was near a bend of the road and right up the embankment from the lake I was walking past. Honestly, it wasn't the best of spots but it was full on dark... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – Evening

The latter half of my day yesterday proved to be far more productive. I left Pergia taking back roads towards the northwest rather than heading the two kilometers south, then back west, and then north to stay on major streets. I had this route mapped out beforehand and, miraculously, I was able to follow these directions... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – Afternoon

My first day did not start out very well at all. Murphy has a law. Murphy is evil. My plan was to get up in time to start at Hadrian's Gate at sunrise. Since I was having such a hard time getting to sleep the night before, and since I'd turned my phone off which... Continue Reading →

Antalya – The Night Before

I went down to the harbor at Antalya to watch the sunset. Before getting there, I did walk around for a bit in Old Town. There is a beauty and a quaintness to the place but too many of those old buildings have now been hijacked for use as hotels and bars. They mar the... Continue Reading →

The Ride Down

We were traveling through Isparta right about the time the sun woke up the sky and me with it. Roughly two thirds of the bus occupants were still asleep but within minutes of my waking up the bus steward was offering me a pogaca (a breakfast biscuit). This was the first time I have  had... Continue Reading →

Between Two Continents

I live with a foot in two worlds. Pretty much every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I am crossing between continents. On those three days, and even odds that at least one other time during the week, for one reason or another I am making a journey from Asia into Europe. Earlier today I was writing somewhere... Continue Reading →

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